Services We Provide

We are a Client-Based Food Pantry:

Being good stewards of donated resources and helping people in need, Good Samaritans operates as a client-based food pantry. Client needs are assessed by an interview process that takes into consideration qualifications and circumstances. Oftentimes, need for food assistance is indicative of other life challenges, and additional assistance can be provided. If not, as a member of the Garland Area Service Providers (GASP) network, Good Samaritans has access to additional sources of assistance and provides referrals to appropriate agencies.

We Offer "10-Packs" & Hygiene Kits to the Homeless:

Twice a week homeless clients receive a 10-pound pack of food designed for backpacks. The packs have protein, fruit, nuts, juice and water. Many times, pizza or pre-packaged salads are also available. In addition, hygiene kits are provided for men and women. All of our homeless clients are interviewed and oftentimes, steered toward additional resources in helping find employment, educational opportunities, etc. We’ve seen many homeless clients become independent and employed and others we know will always count on us as their ‘family’. In the cold winter months on-the-go clients receive hats, gloves and coats.